White Wines

Papargyriou Blanc

Our most popular wine,  a blend from the Muscat and Assyrtiko grapes, grown at 850m., at Sofiana, Corinthia. The nose is dominated by Muscat, whereas the palate combines the fruitiness of Muscat and the body and structure of the Assyrtiko. Drink it with salads, white meat, fish or oysters at 9-11 0C.

Ca, c’ est Correct

A 100% Chardonnay, cultivated at 700 meters. The cool microclimate ensures a long ripening period, giving the wine balance and refreshing acidity. It matures for 6-8 months in 500-liter oak barrels and possesses a “Centraleuropean” style.  Enjoy it with white meat or grilled fish at 10-12 0C.

Le Vigneron Grec

This orange wine is made from Assyrtiko grapes that ferment together with Muscat grape skins. The crushed grapes are brought into a stainless-steel tank where the Muscat skins lie. They ferment for 10 days, then the wine is being put into 500-liter barrels, where it stays for 5-6 months. A wine with distinctive personality, it combines Muscat flavor with the mineral Assyrtiko. Drink it at 11-13 0C accompanying sweet-sour pork, Peking duck or creamy cheeses.

Le Roi des Montagnes Assyrtiko

Our top of the line 100% Assyrtiko, made from superripe grapes harvested in mid-October. It ferments for 5-6 days with the grape skins, before maturing in the barrel for 9 months. A wine with character, rich body and long evolution to enjoy at 11-13 0C.

Opsimos Trygos

A sweet, fragrant wine produced from the Muscat grape, is best served with fruit, cheese or on its own as a dessert wine. It possesses enough acidity to balance its sweetness and thus it can be combined with cheese or fruits. It is delightful also as an aperitif.  Best drinking temperature: 8-10 0C. A wine that improves with age, developing more complex aromas.


Red Wines

Mikroi Oinopoioi

Originally an idea of the younger generation in our winery (the name means “little winemakers”). This wine is based on Agiorgitiko, a famous, ancient Greek variety (otherwise called “Black Nemea”). A distinctive cherry aroma is followed by a medium-bodied palate. Aged for 12 months in oak casks, it is best served with red sauces or pasta at 16-17oC.

Don Giovanni

Ruby colored and elegant, with a distinctive varietal aroma and many ripe tannins. We suggest drinking it at 16-17 0C with pasta or red meat dishes.

The Black Daphne

Made from 100% Mavrodaphne, an old Greek grape that is usually sweetened. This, however, is a dry, aromatic wine with many tannins and a deep color. It shows excellent aging potential. A perfect accompaniment to Greek appetizers (“Mezedes”). Drink it at 17-18 0C.


The Unique Mavrostyfo

Mavrostyfo is a rare sub-variety of Mavroudi. It possesses a very deep, almost black color and many tannins (hence the name, Mavro=black, styfo=tannic). It has an excellent alcohol-acidity ratio, making it a candidate for long evolution in the bottle. Enjoy it with grilled meat at 17-18 0C.

Le Roi des Montagnes Syrah

A unique wine, made from very ripe Syrah grapes, grown at 850m. , at Sofiana,Corinthia. Almost black, impenetrable color, full body and an Amarone-like character define this extraordinary effort. Drink it with cheese, game, red grilled meat or a bitter chocolate at 18-19 0C. It can improve and last for 12-15 years.

Le Roi des Montagnes Cuvee

A Cabernet-Sauvignon-based blend, with deep color and a complex bouquet, that will continue to evolve for 10-12 years. It ages for 24 months in oak barrels and is bottled unfined and unfiltered. Best drunk at 18 0C with grilled meat or game.